Москва́ / retrospective /

Photos made by Conny
 Tegel / Berlin airport
 from the left: 1.View of Red Square, 2.Lenin's Mausoleum, 3.Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed
Photos made by Conny
Moscow Metro
Photos made by Conny and me
in the middle: Arbat Street
Photos made by Conny
Red Square at night
 from the left: 1.GUM, 2. and 3. Bogdan Khmelnitsky bridge
Photos made by Conny

One of the best present I ever got was trip to Moscow in 2008. It truly was one of the interesting holiday experiences for me. This trip wouldn´t have been the same without Conny and his passion to photography. Thank you! And here is some polaroids we made together in Moscow. Enjoy!

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