Driving home for Christmas!

Dresden 12.15 / Alaunstraße

Hi there!

 I'm driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can't wait to see those faces
I'm driving home for Christmas, yea ... It's gonna take some time
But I'll get there...With a thousand memories....”

I want to wish you a joyous Christmas time! I'm personally want to thank you all for your 
supports via comments, emails all this time.

Hope all of you enjoy and have fun holiday with your family and friends!
 So, until next year ...


Italia 2009 / retrospective /

Lago di Tenno

Venice trip

Cinque Terre trip

Levanto  / Camping San Michele

What was life like before the era of digital cameras?! What was photography like?! Do you remember ?! We bought film and developed prints regularly. It was also impossible to know exactly how your images were going to turn out. This trip was all about analog photography, old Canon and Polaroid.  What an amazing time!



My first date with Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine



dress - second hand + D.I.Y
shoes - Deichmann

 Don't throw away! If you can fix it!
 My first date with Juki HZL-G120 Sewing Machine was awesome! Short but effective. I make some basic repairs, only hemming and shirring and my dress is ready to wear!

P.S. Background made by Viola Lippmann.