Wocław / retrospective /

Old Town

 Mural  / at the intersection of Cybulskiego and Pomorskiej streets (Artist: Blu)

The public art installation called Przejście (Polish artist Jerzy Kalina) at the intersection of Piłsudskiego and Świdnicka streets

 Mural / at the intersection of Cybulskiego and Pomorskiej streets (Artist: Erica Il Cane)

Cafe  "Piękna Helena"  / Łokietka street 6

flea market at the “Sułkowice Mill”

I can't believe summer is already over! This was my first weekend without my

 baby boy. I had a really nice time with Jana in Wrocław! Thank you :*


Burda Easy F/S 2011 / jumpsuit

 This is what is look like when i bring work home ;P


 umpsuit- D.I.Y / Burda Easy FS 2011 pattern 2C
 shoes - Mauritius souvenir 
brecelet - second hand 

 It's not about „having” time. Is's about making time...and this was exactly in this case. This is a mix of perfekt cut of fabric and not so perfect stitches...
What do you think?!


love hungry man

Alaunstraße / Dresden

I'm your love hungry man
Oh babe you're such a treat
Love, any love, hungry man
And a man's got to eat
(I'm a love hungry man)
You're the one I've waited for
(I'm a love hungry man)
I need your loving more and more
Yeah, I do...

 AC/DC - Love hungry man


not far away

Photos made by Natalia Walter


shirt - D.I.Y
jeans - H&M
shoes - Birkenstock

Hi there! Today I wanted to share with you this D.I.Y project. I love the fabric I've chosen but I had a problem with this print. I've decided I don't love them together. There was only one thought in my mind "keep it simple".
And voilà! What do you think?!

P.S.  I also want to say thank you for my friend Natalia for a nice photos. She is one of the most talented and creative people I've ever met. She is also a part of the Tentego crue. You have to see this! Visit Tentego website and facebook.