Katharinenstraße / Dresden

Everyone should have the right to love who ever they want !

Happy Christopher Street Day!


begin by letting go...

 Katharinenstraße / Dresden

Thank you all for the great time! Pif Paf in Dresden blog will still be online, modified and irregulary. It's time to start something new. Check out my new Fanpage : here here here ...
See you!

Dziękuje Wszystkim za ten wspaniały czas! Pif Paf in Dresden blog będzie
 obecny w sieci, zmieniony i nieregularny. To czas aby zacząć coś nowego. Zapraszam do śledzenia mojego nowego Fanpage'a  : tu tu tu ...
 Do zobaczenia!

Ich danke Euch allen für die schöne Zeit. Pif Paf in Dresden Blog geht's weiter im Web, verändert und unregelmäẞig. Es ist Zeit etwas Neues zu beginnen. Schau mal auf meiner neuen Fanpage vorbei : hier hier hier ...
Wir sehen uns!


Driving home for Christmas!

Dresden 12.15 / Alaunstraße

Hi there!

 I'm driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can't wait to see those faces
I'm driving home for Christmas, yea ... It's gonna take some time
But I'll get there...With a thousand memories....”

I want to wish you a joyous Christmas time! I'm personally want to thank you all for your 
supports via comments, emails all this time.

Hope all of you enjoy and have fun holiday with your family and friends!
 So, until next year ...