Bunte Republik Neustadt 2014

Louisen Street
Görlitzer Street

Alaun Street

Martin Luther church

Time goes by so fast...for now here is some photo update from the last weekend in Dresden/Neustadt, from The Bunte Republik Neustadt 2014!
Here are photos from last year - click it .


organic / CUT



parka- D.I.Y

 pattern - CUT - Leute machen Kleider (Nr.9) I made some style changes, but the bones of the pattern are there.


Raskolnikow / Exhibition "Chic im Osten"

Restaurant and Gallery Raskolnikow / Böhmische Straße 34

the exhibition space at Gallery Raskolnikow

 some of outfits, photos, original prints and sketches from the book "Chic im Osten. Mode in der DDR" by Ute Scheffler

the outdoor restaurant space

Here are just a few of the highlights from exhibition "Chic im Osten" at Gallery Raskolnikow. It was a part of The 26th International Short Film Festival . The exhibition was showcasing East German fashion (GDR) based on the book "Chic im Osten. Mode in der DDR" by Ute Scheffler (available here and here).



Hi there! Do you remember this post?! All good things come in twos ...threes...or something like that...